Show Floor Plan 2022 with List of Exhibitors

Exhibitors Descriptions
L1 Ralph Simpson’s Urangan Pier URANGAN PIER C\-AMRA Queensland

L2 Ron Everingham’s “Broxburn Sidings” Quinton River Railway “BROXBURN SIDINGS. QUINTON RIVER RAILWAY
C- AMRA Queensland”

L3 Diagon Alley Peter & Lyn Wilson This unique diorama of the fabled Wizard’s Shopping Street and Gringotts Bank Tramway, will have you enthralled with its detail of the street scape.

L4 “RMCQ’s South Pine
0418793372″ “South Pine is a new modular layout built by the Railway Modellers Club of Queensland to cater for the exhibition needs of our members. The layout is designed to run DCC locomotives, and while it has a basic Australian look and feel, trains from all around the world, in particular the US and Europe, can also be seen.
It is based on an industrial area with passing loops, engine facilities and some local industries. This allows trains to be always on display with continuous operation on the mainline or shunting in a siding or loco area. Some of the industries or commercial premises displayed are strong supporters of our club.
The layout is transported in a purposely designed trailer to ensure protection and only needs one member to transport.
Visitors are always welcome. “

L5 “RMCQ’s Pine Rivers
0490257193″ “PINE RIVERS is an N scale modular layout loosely based on the NTRAK standards. This layout, by the Railway Modeller’s Club of Queensland Inc, is always being modified and this year includes a
Point to Point Tourist railway, fully controlled automatically with a DCC shuttle from the UK.
The visiting Circus is still in town as well as the Sporting Complex for Tennis, Swimming and Basketball. A fully DCC controlled Industrial area has been developed to help support the existing Wheat Loading Silos and Light Industries with rail services. Points in this area are activated by slow motion servos controlled by DCC throttles. The Housing Estate continues to grow and is getting closer to occupation. All this surrounds the Canyon River Scene with its Township. Due to heavy rain, the rapids are running with white water crashing over the rocky river bed. The Town Council has upgraded security by installing street lights to the township.”

L6 “Action Woodhill
0421678000″ “New and Larger Layout in 2022, with figure 8 overlay featuring over & under crossover with twice around = once around, 6 line staging yard – agricultural and praise USA country side and a rural homestead with farm machinery, and fields. US Freight and Passenger Rolling Stock , hauled by both steam and diesel locomotives
HO layout operated using NCE DCC Units”

L7 “Action Thomas U-Drive
Contact: As above” This Layout is 2.4m x 1.2m OO Gauge 1:76 Scale DC Layout with 2 Mainlines Loops Town, Industrial and Quarry Scenes. Thomas and Friends with all the usual rolling stock. Fire Brigade in action. We now have signals for added fun. So come on and drive Thomas and his mates

L8 “All Gauge Model Railway Club” “AGMRC PO Box 6291, Fairfield Gardens, Queensland 4103”

L9 “Petersburg”. Ben Parsons “A small layout depicting a border scene between USA and Canada. “

L10″ “Digital Marklin World
Traindoc64 on You Tube” Digital Automation of a massive HO Layout, with a hot air balloon and many other features

L11″ Eion Wolters “Lindale” Take time to enjoy this award winning layout built by Peter Johnston and Eion Wolter Featuring Where’s Wally

L12″ Eion Wolters “Cleat County” After being gifted lots of N Gauge Rolling Stock, I decided to build a compact layout with the help of Peter Johnston – Maximum Track length on an 8ft x 4ft area.

L13″ Glinvale Glinvale is a DCC controlled HO layout running only Queensland Locomotives and Rolling Stock. It is a compact country layout with a single main line. It features passing loops, a cattle loading yard, goods yard, and a locomotive depot with a turntable, and a two bay engine shed.

L14″ “The Miniature Train Club Gold Coast.“Mantleville” & “Hunter Valley”” “The layout is in T-Trak Format and is powered by a 5X Raspberry PI Controller and operated by a tablets and mobile phones. Interesting scenes include Main Street Manteville and Township of Hunter Valley.
Some scenes are electronically animated and an 8 track yard completes the layout. “

L15″ “The Miniature Train Club Gold Coast.“Snap Shot”
Contact as above” “Snap Shot is a N Gauge T-Trak layout featuring many different countries around the world.
This Layout was started by a friend giving me a model of the “Eifel Tower”. This inspired me to do different countries around the world. This year I am displaying Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Holland, South Africa, USA & India, I have also incorporated “Sodor” for the Thomas the Tank Engine fans. Countries will vary from year to year. “

L16″ Ipswich Model Railway Club This N Scale Layout is made up of T-Trak modules. The size modules allows members to work on and display small dioramas which can be changed around to suit the area you wish to display in. The members can have any scenes on their modules and are encouraged to come up with new ideas. The modules can be easily stored and transported. There are also standards HO Modules as well. You can contact us on FACEBOOK PAGE – Ipswich Model Railway Club.

L17″ Valley Division ” Jeff Rosenberg
This Layout comes from Maryborough and is jointly owned by Jeff and Helena Moralis. “

L18″ Logan “High Country” Logan District Model Railway Club Inc.

L 19 Logan “Walloon” ““Walloon Station” is of the original stations on the first line built in Queensland from Ipswich to Grandchester (Biggs Camp) opened in 1865 to serve a small rural community. Since this time the railway line has been extended to the west and on to Brisbane in the east, with many other changes.
In the early days it was a busy station as the area was mixed farming, dairy cattle with even a Jamal butter factory. Coal was discovered about a kilometre to the north in 1881 and a tramway was built to bring the coal to the station.
The layout depicts the period from the 60’s to the 80’s with steam being replaced by diesel locomotives. Station itself shows the farms of the time and some of the buildings including the church and service station. The dual track allows trains to pass in both directions. During this period freight ceased and the sidings were utilised by storing ballast wagons and a loading facility. “

L 20 Morewood A Brisbane based layout is a fictional town with lots of action. 3 main tracks running British & American trains. Any questions please as

L21″ “National Model Railroad Association Division1
Group formed 2004 ” “The Wayne Branch
A number of Queensland members of the NMRA are constructing this display layout, with scenery based on the mid-west of the USA. The Layout and Rolling Stock is HO, built to NMRA Standards and uses the DCC system of train control using a NCE power station & controllers. The individual locomotives are fitted with control chips from a variety of manufacturers. Some locomotives have sound chips installed for added realism. Kadee couplers are used Paul Skehan Co-Ordinator”

L 22 “Redland Station by the Redlands
Model Railway Group. or
contact Roy Walsh 0416207321. You can find us on Facebook, search for
Redlands Model Railway Group Queensland (Official Page).  Please ask the operators any questions about our layout or group.”” “”Redland Station is one the Redlands Model Railway
Club’s modular layouts designed to run OO and HO scale trains.  As this is a club layout, expect to see a mixture of trains.   The scenery doesnot depict a specific place and time.  The Redlands Model Railway Club meets on the fourth Sunday of the month at the Redland Museum, 60 Smith Street, Cleveland at 10:30 am.”

L 23 “Logan Bend” Wayne Ariel LOGAN BEND 0419728074

L24″ Bris Bricks World of Lego BRISBRICKS WORLD OF LEGO

L 25 Irgendwo Kohle Museum Irgendwo Kohle Museum is a Small N Gauge Layout

L26″ Iron Horse Creek “Large G Gauge Layout designed to run RC, DC, with Track Powered, Live Steam and Battery powered model.
C- AMRA Queensland”

L 27 Steamy’s Pudding Steamy’s Pudding runs both GN 15 and On30 models through 4 scenic picture boxes. C- AMRA Queensland

L 28 “Thomas U Drive
AMRA Queensland” “OO Hornby and Bachman Rolling Stock with Thomas & Friends
This layout is interactive for kids of all ages to drive a train
Join the fun “

L 29 “Give away Layout
AMRA Queensland” Each Show, AMRA Queensland gives away a layout as a prize to some lucky family. So step up and fill a form to have your chance to win

L 30 “Circus Maximus
AMRA Queensland” “This Layout has been describe as a product of a wrapped mind.
G Scale it also has some carnival rides and lots of cartoon characters who you maybe able to recognise.”

L 31 “Maydeton Dawes
Western Suburbs Railway Modellers Inc
PO Box 856, Redbank Plains Qld 4301 0404 270 177” “Maydeton Dawes is a generic layout which displays rural, industrial and township scenery found in many countries throughout the world.
The layout consists of six modules and is 5.7m x 2.0m overall. lt has two HO Scale tracks and one 12mm track and can operate either DC or DCC modeltrains.
All terrain scenery has been scratchbuilt while buildings and accessories are either scratchbuilt, kitbashed or card and plastic kits. “

L 32 “G Gauge U-Drive
AMRA Queensland” “G Scale Layout featuring amusement rides, a cable car and of course Thomas and Friends which you can drive yourself .
Lots of fun”

L 33 ““Upper Beeching”
AMRA Queensland” “O Scale Hornby 3 Rail
Featuring some classic Hornby Trains of years ago”

L 34 “Kingston
AMRA Queensland” OO Hornby 3 Rail. Some of the models are unto 70years old.

L 35 “Gresley Green
AMRA Queensland” OO Triang Layout on Series 3/ Super 4. After careful restoration, these models come back to life, bringing back memories of 50 + years ago

L 36 “Nineteen Twenties
AMRA Queensland” “This Layout features some unique rolling stock and locomotives.
Set after the World War One. This layout shows war surplus locos returning to peacetime duties, such as industrial and mining “

D1 Scratch Building QR Wooden Wagons “Alan MacAulay demonstrates the how to scratch build Queensland Government Railways, “Wooden Wagons”
0468823050, “

D2 Structure Building Craig and Geoff will be demonstrating “Modelling Techniques and Scratch Building Items”.

D3 “Queensland Society Model and Experimental Engineers
122 Warner Road
Brendale Qld 4500″ The Queensland Society of Model and Experimental Engineers Inc. otherwise known as QSMEE, was formed in 1932 and is a “Not for Profit” organisation. Our membership is made up of individuals from all walks of life who share a common interest in making engineering models, with a main focus on 7 1/4” and 5” gauge steam locomotives.

D4 “Model Electronic Railway Group
If you are interested, please contact Stephen Sherwood 0428339521 or by email: or find out more go to or email Stephen Sherwood at” “Model Electronic Railway Group (MERG)
MERG (an international group, based in the UK, with a local chapter in South East Queensland) is a group of railway modellers who meet monthly to exchange ideas on
how to use modern day electronics to drive their trains, control their layout and add interest such as sound. We have a wide range of people in our group, people with little
or no knowledge of electronics, cabling etc through to electrical and electronic engineers.
We meet monthly to attend presentations and workshop where we build electronic kits and help each other learn about electronics.”

D5 “Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway
C/- Peter Hunt
1452/120 Ganbenang Road Lowther NSW 2790
0433808468 ” “The Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway was one of the busiest and most complex of the regrouping of British Railways. It ranked fifth in overall size and stretched across England form Liverpool and Fleetwood in the west to Goole in the east and served a greater population per mile of route than other major lines. With much of its mileage in hilly terrain, civil engineering works were massive with numerous tunnels, bridges, viaducts and some fearsome gradients.
The L&Y was known as a “Business Line” and was the epitome of the area through which it ran, serving the great textile towns, collieries and major Irish and North Sea ports. Its passenger Service ranged from smartly timed expresses to the intense and complex local workings around Liverpool and Manchester.
Through a team of energetic and competent managers the railway was at the forefront engineering development. It was an early user of Belpaire firebox and the first to introduce superheated steam. Electrification of locale services started in 1904 and it operated the largest railway owned shipping fleet in the country. The locomotives in their smart black paint with red and white lining and oval brass number plates hauled trains of lake and tan liveried carriages and long freight trains over the difficult Pennine terrain.

D6 “Triple S Boat Club
0488654134″ “Radio Control Boats in Sail, Scale, and Steam. We worked in various sizes.”

D7 “Queensland Rail Community Partnerships” The Community Partnerships team collaborate with various customer, nonprofit and government stakeholders to connect communities, and deliver positive outcomes for Queenslanders. With the help of Queensland Rail employees and volunteers, we support charities and community initiatives, deliver rail safety education, and capture the historic story of Queensland Rail so that it can be shared with generations to come. To learn more, please visit

D8 “British Railway Modellers Association
0409473483″ The British Railway Modellers of Australia Inc (BRMA) is an association for anyone interested in modelling the railways of the UK. Our members work across all eras and in all scales popular for modelling British railways e.g. O, OO, P4, EM, TT & N. Our meetings are held in various members homes each month across Brisbane and SEQ. Please come and say hello at our show stand, where we will also be conducting a modelling clinic.

D9 “AMRA S Scale Group
20A Murphy Road Zillmere (Meet 1st Sunday each month unless advertised) KEN 0432522877″ AMRA S Scale Group is which model in 1/64, scratch building QGR Rolling Stock from both Steam & Diesel Eras A mini layout “ELLENBOROUGH Street” displays some of the models, while members demonstrate building of the same.

D10 “AMRA INFO DESK” Q&A the members for info about the club. Pickup further info on AMRA Queensland activities throughout the year.

D11 “NMRA Division 1 Queensland
Paul Rollason
Division 1 Superintendant
(M) 0419670653
Email    ” Welcome to the Australasian Region of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA). The Region covers Australia, New Zealand and some Pacific Islands. The purposes of the Region are to promote, stimulate, foster, and encourage by all manner and means the art and craft of model railroading and the preservation of the hobby’s history, science, and technology. The Region accomplishes its purposes through its Divisions, publishing the MainLine (a quarterly magazine), holding Conventions and by promoting the NMRA Achievement Program. See the Division Meetings web pages for detailed activities in your State

H1 “Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum. (07) 54961976 Margret Street Woodford
PO Box 1135 Woodford Q 4514″ ANGRMS is a registered not profit with 100% volunteer organisation which owns and operates the 2ft gauge “Woodford Railway Museum”at Woodford SEQ. Trains operate 1st & 3rd Sundays each month from 10am & 3pm. Profits from the sales goes towards operating and maintaining our heritage Railway.

H2 “Australian Railway Historical Society
57A Freeman Road
Ashwell QLD 4340
07 5464 4552” The ARHSQD is a not-for-profit society, that suits all sorts of railway enthusiasts. We have provided Main Line Rail Tours in the past, and we are confident of these re-commencing in the future. We have a Historical railway in the Foothills of Rosewood, at Freeman Road, Ashwell, which has in the past provided Train trips on our Historical line, and we will be re-commencing these in sometime later in 2022 with current rollingstock. Our Museum is Open to the Public from July 2022, for inspections of the site and the Historical Rollingstock we have. Come and see our selection of Books, CD’s and DVD.s that will allow you to relive the days of Queensland Railways. We are more than Happy to discuss Membership and the opportunity to help at our Railway at Rosewood, helping to preserve the Heritage of Queensland Railways Past. Ask one of our Friendly Volunteers about how YOU can become a member today.

T1 “Cross River Rail
1800 010 875
PO Box 15476,
Brisbane City East QLD 4002″ “Cross River Rail is a new 10.2 kilometre rail line from Dutton Park to Bowen Hills, which includes 5.9 kilometres of twin tunnels under the Brisbane River and the CBD.
South East Queensland’s population is rising, putting our transport network under pressure.
The current rail network is already nearing capacity and is constrained by a single river crossing and just four inner-city stations, causing the bottleneck that limits our ability to run more trains.”

T2 “Chilli Lasers Engravers Trading as Microbuildings
5 Sarah Court
Eatons Hill Qld 4037” Chilli Lasers Engraving produces a range of unique Base engraved Australian models for HO & N Scale modellers. We also produce a range of home maker materials to our design or to a design of your requirements. Chilli Laser also manufactures one off commissions to your requirements, have a chat withus at the stand.

T3 “Don Carlsson. railco.don@ 0421547405
Shop 6 Kift Street, Deagon QLD 4017″ RAILCO Stocks – Auscision, Austrains Neo, Australian Railway Models, Bachmann, Branchline, CDA Electronics, CGL Models, Chilli, Cooee Classics, Eureka, Hornby, IDR Models, Jordan Scenery, Matts Ballast, Model Power, NCE, Oxford, Peco, Phoenix Reproductions, Queensland Scale Models, Road Ragers, SDS Models, Southern Rail Models, Tracksetta, Woodlands. 

T4 “Hobby One
2/124 Kingston Rd, Underwood QLD 4119. (07) 3343 8655 ” “Hobby One stocks a large range of:
Train Sets & Locomotives with Track & Accessories,
Buildings, Lights & Signals, Vehicles, Figures & Animals

T5 “James Hobbies
0403117211″ “Available is James Hobbies Padded Transportation Boxes

T6 Col’s Models Col’s Models is once again clearing out his large collection of trains & books , plus model vehicles. See Col for a great bargain.

T7 Katies Heart – Face Painters and Balloons 0422137167. “Balloon Twisting, Temporary Tattoos and other Magical Trinkets “

T8 “Col’s Australian Railway Books & Hobbies
PO Box 736 Caloundra Qld 4551
0407373289” “Col’s Australian Railway Books & Hobbies is proud to announce that we’re retailing one of the WORLDS top model railway electronics manufacturers, ESU.The range includes Loksound, Lokpilot, Lokprogrammer, Switchpilot & Signalpilot as well as speakers and other accessories to enhance your model railway experience. Combine this with the new Full Throttle function in the recently released SDS Models NR Class or SRA 81 Class (arriving soon) and you’ll discover a whole new level of realism.
We hope to place an order with ESU every few months so if there is something you would like please let us know as early as possible so we can add it to the list.Did you know ESU also manufacture Locomotives & Rollingstock for the European Modeller.Take a look at the range – 
As one of only a handful of AUSTRAINS, PHOENIX REPRODUCTIONS & SDS MODELS retailers, and now combining the technological masterpieces on offer from ESU, these high quality items will be available at a number of model railway exhibitions across South East Queensland or you can contact us directly.”

T9″ “Tinkering Tool /
 0439 939 349 
(please text between 10am – 3pm AEST)” “Tinkering Tools is a family-owned business established in Perth, Western Australia in 2005, but now located in the Gold Coast QLD.  Tinkering Tools design, manufacture and import quality hand craft tools,  scissors, and hobby accessories for all arts, crafts and hobbies in Australia & New Zealand.”

T10″ “M & K Model Railways
Tuesday to Thursday 9am to 4pm
Friday 9am to 12pm
Closed Sunday and Monday
Phone | 07 4124 1979
Crn 50 Hastings Street & Old Maryborough Road
Pialba QLD
Hervey Bay 4655” “We guarantee to delight the YOUNG and YOUNG at HEART!
54 years ago, a seven year old boy decided to build a railway layout…Today that boy went on to become a qualified electrical/electronic engineer, whose passion for trains never left him.His expertise and creative talent has produced a delightful fully working electric indoor railway, taking 11 years to construct with the help and support of family and staff. This is how M & K Model Railways came about.Brands we stock: Hornby, Auscision Models, Athearn, Thomas and Friends, Oxford Cars, BachmannSecond Hand Products: Coming soon… “

T 11 “Queensland Scale Models
P.O. Box 7154,
Bundaberg North. QLD. 4670.
0407 559 086
P.O. Box 5288,Bundaberg West. QLD. 4670.
0407 559 086” “Queensland Scale Models – Manufacturer of Quality Fine Scale Model Railway Products & Accessories for Queensland modellers since 2011.
We Are specialising in Models of Queensland Railways Outline in 1:87 HO & HOn3½ Scale, and are a Retailer of Model Railway Track, Rolling Stock, & Accessories for Australian Model Railways.
Our Trackside Accessory and Building Range feature items unique and distinctive to Queensland, which are designed to give the “Queensland Look” to any Queensland themed model railway.
CGL Models – Manufacturer of Queensland RTR Model Rollingstock.
Specialising in Accurate High Quality Models of Queensland Railways in HOn3½ & HO Scale.
Visit our stand to see the latest models proudly developed in conjunction with SDS Models.”

T 12 “SDS Models
P.O.Box  804
Winston Hills
NSW 2153
0484 225 711″ “Welcome to the SDS Models web page. We hope you enjoy your stay. We aim to produce a range of innovative and interesting models for both the collector and serious modeller alike in HO scale.
We have a dedicated timeline we’re following and we hope our selection of prototypes will appeal as much to you as they do to us.  So whether you model an Interstate mainline or country branch hopefully we’ll have some interesting products for you.”

T 13 “Platform Printing Australia
Yandina, QLD, 4561 ” “Platform Printing Australia is a new, local business operating out of the Sunshine Coast where we print tiny things for tiny worlds. We specialise in high detailed 3d printed Australian themed environment and platform accessories and also design and print custom orders if you’re needing something specific for your model railway network.

T 14 “Train World Brighton Victoria
03 9596-6342, Bay Street, Brighton North Vic 3186″ “Situated in suburban Melbourne, in the bayside suburb of Brighton, Train World is a mecca for model train enthusiasts. We stock an extensive range of Australian, US and UK models. Backing this up with a great range of scenery, buildings and all the equipment you need to build your layout. We have an extensive range of books and magazines on both model and full-size railways. Mail order is a speciality. We are very close to the North Brighton railway station on the Sandringham line. (22 minutes from the city.) Our hours are: Monday to Thursday 10am to 6pm, Friday 10am to 9pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday and public holidays 11am to 4pm.
We have a large range of items now up on our e-commerce site. Ranging from Locomotives, carriages, wagons, books, track, scenery and each week we add more items from the extensive range of stock that is all available at Train World P/L.”

T 15 “Wuiske Models
PO Box 131 Jandowae, Qld, 4410
(07) 4668 5976, 0421 892 632” “Stop by and see what Adam and Bridget have in the way of new products as well as all the usual, locos and rolling stock”

T 16 PGC Casula, Southern, Caintoad Flats & Black Diamond.

T 17 “J & J Hobbies
PO BOX 155 Beaudesert Qld 4285
07 55413221” “Brisbane’s best Model Train store for over 46 years! 
J&J Hobbies was established in 1974 and specialises in Model Trains.
Based in QLD, Australia we now sell exclusively online, at Model Train Shows and in person by appointment only.
Please don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you have any questions!”

T 18 “Modellers Warehouse
Unit 3, 18 Randall Street
Slacks Creek 4127
0401562631″ Modeller’s Warehouse is Australia’s largest supplier of model scenery and model landscaping products. We offer an extensive and diverse range model scenery products sourced from all over the world. We want to make sure your model environment is as you would like it to be. 

T 19 “Aurora Trains
Unit 7 Yeerongpilly Corporate Park North, 96 Wilkie St, Yeerongpilly QLD 4105
(07) 3892 4220 or 0439 775 257″ “Brisbane’s model train shop open monday to SATURDAY9.30am-5pm Weekdays 9-1pm Saturday
Specialist Model Railway Store over 120 Brands”

T 20 “ALCO WORLD Trains R Us
Russell Smith Proprietor
Shop 1, 16 Ingleburn Road Ingleburn NSW 2565” ALCO World was formed to meet a demand by these followers for ALCO merchandise, railroadiana and memorabillia. ALCO World is operated by ALCO enthusiasts for ALCO enthusiasts. We have collected items depicting ALCO locomotives from around the world and have had many specially manufactured. Browse through our product range and feel free to enquire about any of the goods available. If you know of something you think should be in our range please let us know. Welcome to ALCO World.

P.O. Box 115, Kogarah, NSW 2217
(02) 9599 5539” “EURO HOBBY TRAINS  is an online model trains SHOPPING CENTRE.
There are many brands from Europe that are simply not available in Australia. With the available advanced technology, many new model train’s brands from Europe have become far more sophisticated and innovative over the past decade, producing models to the highest standards focusing mostly on precision, new features and a large variety.
The unfortunate fact is that many of these manufacturers are currently not available in Australia, until now.
We will be adding new and exciting catalogs from these brands as they become available so please like our Facebook page (, sing up to our Newsletter (go to the HOME page) to keep up with the latest news and BEST offers.
Thanks for visiting our website, scroll down for more answers  or start browsing our products.
You might just find what you are looking for!
Regards, Euro Hobby Trains”

T22 Matts Ballast 1A Short Street Taree NSW 2430 0448243328.” Scenery Supplies

T24 Rusty & Joan’s Models Sale of Various Scales of Model Trains and Buildings HO & On30